Friday, October 21, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) First, it was bin Laden. Now, it's Qaddafi.
2) Still, John McCain could find something to bitch and moan about it. Which John McCain was talking today? This John McCain, the guy who felt he had to speak out against HIS OWN PARTY for interfering in foreign affairs or this genuflecting John McCain?
3) Speaking of obstructionist and interfering Republicans, might I suggest the time has come to Occupy Republicans? All 47 of them voted down a bill to provide funding for jobs for teachers, fire fighters and policemen, with a tiny incremental increase on the marginal tax rate on people earning over a million dollars a year. It's time we take the fight to their houses: blockade their driveways, picket their fences, stop traffic and make some damned noise.
4) So we can start to blame the bigots on the right for food shortages this winter.
5) How many times will I have to write this headline before the numbnuts get it? Climate Change Isreal!
6) If you're up early...really early...look to the skies. Find the constellation Orion. Settle in.
7) Recycle space! OK, space *junk* but you get my drift. Good idea, DARPA.
9) Remember when we had the moon all to ourselves? There goes the neighborhood!
10) Wanna cut taxes, Republicans? Did you really want more dead children on your hands? Since the Iraq war began, four times as many children have died in the US at the hands of their own family members than soldiers have died in Iraq, mostly because we lack a safety net to prevent abuse. Shameful. Disgusting.