Thursday, April 19, 2012

And So It Begins

The silly season, of polling and speculation and outright lunacy, starts.
Altho I have to admit, the most intriguing name popped up on the trial balloon the Romney campaign floated yesterday: Condoleeza Rice.
She's actually not a bad choice for Romney: it would mitigate his problems with women, or at least give him some political cover, she has experience in the White House, and she's a bright and articulate person.
There are, however, enormous downsides too, not least of which is it will remind everyone of the name you will never hear in convention at Tampa: George W. Bush.
The biggest upside for Romney is she might actually say yes, where someone like Marco Rubio or Chris Christie would probably prefer to maintain their Presidential aspirations and not be associated with a cause that will be clobbered in November. Romney having to go at least three deep down the list to find a running mate would be embarassing for his campaign, which from day one has to appear at least as competent as the Obama machine.