Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coroner's Inquest

As you probably know by now, Rick Santorum schiavoed his candidacy yesterday.
It was about time, to be frank. He was a real source of laughs with his puppy-dog clumsiness on the national stage and his outrageous positions on issues that many of us had felt were settled law, like women's rights.
Indeed, his very candidacy forced those issues to the surface and a lot of the lunacy we experienced, like transvaginal sonograms and outlawing contraception...OK, that was mostly hyperbole...grew straight out of Santorum's national prominence.
He gave political cover to the stupid and pestulent, is what I'm saying.
Santorum pulled an already out of touch Republican party further into the ozone, all but guaranteeing President Obama's re-lection. Hell, the economy could tank again, gas prices could rocket to $7 a gallon and Obama would still squeak by, thanks in large part to the backfire Santorum lit amongst moderates and especially about women.
Here's the chilling part: if you look back a few elections, the Republican runner up in one primary campaign is almost always the nominee in the next cycle: From Reagan, to Bush the elder to McCain, they all ran in the next available slot as the nominee.
Santorum leaves the race as the runner up (no way Newt Gingrich gets enough delegates to surpass him. Ron Paul stands a stronger chance!)
Hello 2016!