Friday, June 01, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Asheligh Banfield used to be hot. Now, she's a right-wing nutcase who somehow believes that pedophilia...pedophilia! sometimes a voluntary lifestyle choice. No doubt the *children* involved, like I was, were free to weigh the choices, you moronic cheap-suited newsslut.
Which, by the way, ARE all voluntary lifestyle choices.
2) Mitt Romney picks yet another idiotic target. Solyndra received $500 million in loan guarantees under a program that the *Bush* administration insituted. The application was made and the initial approvals given before Obama even had the chance to take office.
3) John Edwards walks. Zombie Elizabeth Edwards bides her time.
4) Spell it? I never even heard of it!
5) Good news! With bonus adorable picture. In a Clockwork Orange sort of way.
6) Forget the Mayans and 2012. Mark 4,000,002,012 on your calendars! That's when the shit hits the fan, literally.
7) Speaking of Armageddon, the last transit of Venus in our lifetimes occurs next Tuesday/Wednesday. This is one of the Mayan signal events for the ending of the current b'a'ktun. Here's how to watch the transit. Online. Safely. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN!
9) Selling yourself....for advertising? There's the capitalist system working, you betcha.
10) Everything I've told you today is a lie. OK, no, but that was, tho. Everyone does it.