Friday, June 08, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) That blessed silence you hear? No "Obamacare"? No "N___er In the White House!"? No "Low taxes = more jobs"? You can thank Brett Kimberlin. While I can't condone Kimberlin's actions, neither can I really sympathize with those who are up in arms about him. Nearly every one of them, including Michelle Malkin, has cyberstalked under the guise of investigating someone. I've been on the receiving end of that, and while I fought back in the only way I knew how-- fight hard, play dirty, and show them you aren't bullied by anybody, no matter how high up the food chain they are because there's always someone higher up than that, as in the publishers of the magazine they write for or the state they work for (altho I'm not sure what I would do if Barack Obama decided to troll me)-- I don't expect everyone on the planet to be a badass with a bad attitude like me.
2) Shorter John McCain: Facts are stupid things.
3) If you're worried about the password dump, here's a way to confirm if you should be.
4) Ben Bernanke is either not concerned with recent slow downs in the American (and world) economy, or he's hestitant to get involved in an election year. People are suffering, Ben. Do your fucking job.
5) Mitt Romney had more dicks up his ass than the President did in May.
6) Romney's next embarassment: Orrin Hatch. This is even more tepid support than either Romney or President Obama showed in Wisconsin.
7) 6.6 million more people are now insured, thanks to President Obama's healthcare reform package. And the good stuff is yet to come!
8) There is a cure. Granted, it's as rare as hen's teeth but it's a start.
9) Human cloning will happen in our time. Count on it.
10) What the's a beautiful day here in NYC, so let me ruin it for you.