Friday, June 22, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) So George Zimmerman felt that his life was threatened. And he has a point: a kid sitting on top of me, even if I weigh a hundred pounds more than me, bashing my face in and banging my skull against the ground would be a threat to me, and he wouldn't have to say a thing. But then I'd remember I sort of brought this on myself and while I'd fight to get away and maybe even end up killing him, I wouldn't try to justify it as some heroic act of self-defense. George? Just imagine how threatened you'd feel if some black hooded figure followed you in a car for fifteen minutes in a neighborhood that you don't live in. You murdered an innocent man, and you will pay for that in some way.
2) When Romney spoke at that Hispanic leadership conference yesterday, how many audience members were remembering how he had to fire his migrant gardeners because "I'm running for President, for God's sake"? I'm thinking it wasn't enough, and I'm thinking liberal Latinos need to get out in front of this and start blanketing the airwaves with that sound bite.
3) Remember, this guy was heavily influenced by American "pundits" like Pamela Geller and Daniel Pipes. When he is sent away to prison for the rest of eternity, so should they accompany him as accomplices.
4) A "failure of leadership" is code for "The US won't sign the damn thing anyway, so why bother?" Barack Obama ought to unilaterally sign the agreements then dare Congress to knock it off his shoulder.
6) Four years too fucking late, Moodys. You should have done this when all those CDOs and CMOs were on the books making them gobs of money.
7) Let me get this straight: Barack Obama protecting Alberto Gonzalez through the use of executive privilege has the conservative clown car up in arms? Ooooooooooooooookay............
8) Remember that second scientific paper about the avian flu and it's pandemic potential that would have given terrorists a blueprint for how to build a virus? It's been published.
9) You're fifteen hundred feet from summiting Mount Everest when a cop pulls you over...
10) Say, you know who else liked a nice rack?