Friday, July 13, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Condi Rice as VP candidate would be perfect. Imagine the ads: "No one could have imagined them taking a plane and slamming it into the Pentagon" Oh. And Sarah? STFU.
2) This is an interesting tactic in the Obama playbook this week/weekend: calling out Romney's qualifications. Eleven dimensional chess, indeed. This is pretty much daring Romney to start talking more thoroughly about his days at Bain Capital by mocking him as immature and naive. It could even force him to start releasing more tax returns. I wonder who drew up the psych profile on Romney here? It might actually work.
3) Sure. Privatization works. Munich '72, anyone?
4) Lemme see....eight years of Bush/Cheney -- bin laden, alive. Qaddafi, ally, Mubarak, ally. Four years of Obama? None of the above. Ima thinking Cheney doesn't know his ass from a shotgun blast.
5) If you use a GPS unit or have satellite radio or TV, expect problems this weekend, particularly Saturday. Also, check the night sky for aurora.
6) I think Mexican President-"elect" Pena Nieto may have had Karl Rove as his campaign advisor.
7) Not news: Ice cream trucks. News: On demand.
8) Saudi Arabia will be sending women to the Olypmics for the first time ever.
9)'s a shock...
10) We think so little of international communication: we have the internet, satellite link-ups, and so it's a blink of an eye. But it wasn't always so, until this little fellow got popped into space.