Friday, August 31, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Well, at least now we know why Hereafter was such a crappy movie.
2) Since everyone is talking about Clint's speech and not Romney's acceptance, perhaps Eastwood instinctively knows he's really a liberal and took the opportunity to put the final nail in the coffin of Mitt Romney's candidacy. *draws finger across throat*
3) Y'know, we almost made it through an entire week without a gun-toting yahoo taking out a mass of people.
4) Why Obama could still take the white vote, too. Short answer: Paul Ryan was the wrong VP pick. Republicans used to be long on talent. I wonder what happened? It's almost like there was a party purge or something.
5) While you were watching Tampa, the White House was watching Vienna.
8) But really. There's no global warming! Ignore the desert virus spreading across the Southwest!
9) Oddly, there's some truth to this, altho I don't think it's what the study's authors intended. Americans eat so many empty carbohydrates that even just backing down to a normal level will assist in weight loss. When I examined my eating patterns and realized, from a breakfast muffin to the bread on my sandwich to the roll with dinner, just how many empty calories I was eating, I stopped. It was the equivalent of a cup of sugar and a dollop of salt, neither of which do my body any good.