Friday, October 26, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Between his support of Richard Mourdock and this, Mitt Romney ought to drop out now:
Look, when he was in Massachusetts, a woman in his own church, he tried to stop her from having an abortion. Her pregnancy was threatening her health and then she developed blood clots that were threatening her life. He couldn't talk her into stopping the abortion. She had permission from the Mormon hierarchy to terminate this life threatening pregnancy. He went to her parents. What he said to this woman, and this is key, cameras not rolling and what Mitt Romney says to this woman, why should you get off easy? Why should you get off easy? Why should you get off easy? Other women don't get off so easy. Talking about getting off easy to terminate the pregnancy. I think that Mitt Romney absolutely does not want any exceptions to criminalization of all abortion.

2)  Eid al-Adha has started with a bang. Sadly.

3)  How desperate is the Romney campaign? They're chewing the legs of Bush officials!

4) Burp.

5) Florida Republicans tried to disenfranchise the old fashioned way: by misinforming them about when the election is. The FBI is on it.

6) Update on that "hormone" story I posted about yesterday: "It didn't go through channels." Um, what?

7) Your photo of the day:

8) Who wants to live forever? These folks, apparently.

9) I say this because I figure I'll be pretty safe: Sandy looks like it could be a lot of fun. See you on the other side.

10) Finally, for the day when Jurassic Park becomes a reality and the world is overrun by our lizardian to butcher a Triceratops. No. Really!