Friday, January 04, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Yea, we really will mature...will it take for American women to have to resort to this to finally get the men in America to get off their asses and start respecting them? Or will even that work? Where is Congress on this? Oh. Right. I forgot: dismissing the Violence Against Women Act! Bastards. I have little doubt that this is why Anonymous (via the group KnightSec) released this video: to shame Congress into acting.
It's really fucking sad it had to come down to this and even then, it's no guarantee of action. Like Sandy Hook was no guarantee that America will finally join the civilized world and ban assault weapons permanently.
2) At least Illinois offers hope of a sane society a-coming. But it's not enough.
3) Despite the fears of a fiscal cliff. Despite the slam-dunk probability of higher taxes on "job creators". Despite the looming implementation of Obamacare. Companies have finally started picking up the pace of hiring workers. I guess this is good news for Mitt Romney's campaign? I dunno. Maybe Obama's still massaging the numbers to win re-election.
4) The owners of NHL franchises may finally end their illegal lockout of players. Just in time for next season. Stop that! I can hear you yawning from here!
5) Lest you think racism is only an American problem, let me show you how a Prince handles it in Italy. Now, if we could only get blacks in America to boycott racists as readily.
6) There's a major flaw in this "overweight is not necessarily a bad thing" study released yesterday: BMI is a wildly inaccurate measure of obesity. For instance, my BMI is somewhere north of 28, but my body fat percentage is under 20%. By BMI standards, I'm borderline mildly obese (30). My body fat is at the low end of the "average" range, however. Why? Well, I'm 6'3" and weigh 225 or so. Roughly 80% of that is flat-out muscles. But BMI makes no such distinction: the excess weight is a tax on the heart even if that heart had to be exercised and strengthened to get that way.
This is bad science and worse medicine, to pick apart a study of no value and give people hope and an excuse to overeat and underexercise.
7) Look, England...I love you, but please. Just give it back already.
8) I hope Rush Limbaugh is taking notes. Didn't he promise to leave if Obama was re-elected? Putin would welcome him with open gulags.
9) The Consumer Electronics Show this year looks to be a doozy, but this story misses the really big announcement to come: soon, you will be able to pick and choose what cable channels you subscribe to. No more "two dozen shopping networks, plus Brahma bull auctions, and Glenn Beck just to see Al Jazeera America."
An artist's concept of Mars' west hemisphere, billions of years ago, when it still had its oceans and atmosphere