Friday, February 08, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) 17,000 miles. Even on the scale of our solar system, that's too damn close.
2) Bush the Elder's computer has been hacked and sensitive documents swiped off it. Probably nothing to be too concerned about in terms of national security, but maybe it's a warning shot to Barack Obama and others currently serving?
3) Here's the problem with trying to bulk up mental health care first, as a way to combat gun violence: psychiatry and psychology are light-years away from fully understanding what conditions make someone crack. Let's put the fire out first, then we can fix the plumbing in the house.
4) I posted earlier this week about my mixed feelings with respect to drone attacks on American citizens abroad. This is one measure that would certainly ease my mind.
5) Apple is indicative of one of the big problems our economy is suffering: you can lower taxes all you want, but the simple fact is, corporations are not spending it or even investing it, but sticking it in the bank and leaving it there. Which would be fine if banks were actually lending. As someone with A credit for a consumer, I have to leap through hoops to secure even modest loans against assets far more valuable than I'm asking for, so if it's tough for me, I can't begin to imagine how hard it is for a family to buy a house or start a business.
6) The US is a net exporter of oil and is poised to become the world's largest crude exporter in the next few decades. Here's what that means for you.
7) Today's Gee...What a Shock! news: deep fried foods can kill you.
8) This is pretty serious stuff that's going on in LA, but leave it to the right wing to politicize it. You could, you know, wait until it's over, at least? After all, John Rambo, the rightwing wet dream, started out as a Vietnam vet looking for....tada!....liberal treatment now that he was back home.
9) Did someone say "postracial America"? Tell it to the white folks.
Stay dry, stay warm, stay funny!