Friday, April 12, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Hey, Sheriff Joe? Maybe if you did your job with a little less douchiness, you wouldn’t be on someone’s hit list?
2) Iran has invented a time—wait, suddenly it’s GONE! How in the hell…?
3) For an incident involving two people on a dark and rainy night, George Zimmerman sure pulled a lot of witnesses out of his ass. I mean, hat. He’s toast, anyway, and it’s the lawyer who’s merely making a name for himself while living off that right-wing money teat.
4) Say, you know why I love reading about the Hack In A Box conference…?
5) Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook makes his case for immigration reform. Unwittingly, he also points out the dire need for education reform.
7) And when I diiiiiiiiiie…..and when I’m dead, dead, and gone… dataaaa will live on…to carry on, to carry on!
8) It’s not surprising to me that, ahead of the rumoured revelation by a major American sports star of his homosexuality, that the NHL is trailblazing in tolerance.
9) OK, so maybe they’ll need to send it Fedex, but….
10) Finally, I humbly volunteer to assist with any follow up studies needed to support the scientist’s theory.