Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!

Michele Bachmann. We won’t have her to kick around anymore.

Obviously, she is spinning this along the lines of a…well, she never really says why she won’t run, only that it has nothing to do with the various criminal investigations she is about to undergo or with the early polling for 2014 which shows her in yet another dead heat with Democratic challenger Jim Graves, who she barely beat last November. It should also be noted that her district has been jiggered after the 2010 census, which would have forced her to pander to a new, less angry and spitefilled electorate.

Of course, that she featured these so prominently in her announcement is a sure sign that, indeed, she knew she was in deep, deep trouble and would likely be elected out of office in 2014, if in fact she made it that far after the ethics investigation.

Oddly, it was just two weeks ago that she began releasing re-election ads. Campaign ads this far ahead of an election is a move unheard of at, well, any level of politicking.

This development is really just one more nail in the Teabagger coffin, I suspect. After failing miserably in the 2012 elections – nevermind that Obama won re-election, Republicans, Inc. lost the Senate and only by dint of gerrymandering at the state level managed to hold the House – and the subsequent backbiting (remember the dueling responses to the State of the Union address by Rand Paul and Marco Rubio’s water bottle?), the unraveling of the Teabagger moment has arrived, announced not with a bang, but with a YouTube video.

The fap-darling of the Tea Party is on her way off the national stage. One can only hope it’s for good and that her future is filled with grandchildren and family. I suspect that might be all she can handle for now.