Friday, May 24, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1)    Chick and kids and gays better hurry

            When I'm writing bills in a hurry

            When I'm writing bills in a hurry

            That infringe on rights

2) Speaking of gays, I'm slightly prouder of my Scouting roots today. It's six of one, but half a dozen of the other, so we must view it as a step forward, not a leap. One thing I take great comfort in from this decision is that polling of Scouts themselves indicates that 61% favored overturning the ban. As worried as I am about the future, I think the world could be in better hands than ours.

3) By the way, I'm still offering this for sale. I remember attending the festivities for the 100th anniversary. The fireworks show was phenomenal.

4) Someone should tell Bynes a) possession of small amounts of marijuana in private is decriminalized in New York City and b) the wig? Don't. Just don't.

5) He's very very sorry and promises never to do it again, until the next drone strike.

6) On a related note, Medea? Your fifteen minutes are officially over. Not that she was wrong…well, maybe in the case of al-Awlaki she was, but her larger point is spot on, and it would be nice if Obama sat down with a reporter (paging Chris Hayes) who would ask him the same question, but her tactics have to stop. In the long run, the Occupy movement will accomplish more towards her goal than she ever will. This was a sad grasp for attention and funding.

7) Clearly, President Obama is a socialist tool who will destroy the US economy.

8) If you've seen the catalogues, or even the advertisements, you can't possibly be surprised by the CEO.

9) Oooh! Donuts…..

10) Now SHE knows how to party!