Friday, June 14, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) It seems that the whole PRISM “scandal” rests on more than a few lies and misunderstandings. By the way, if Greenwald was accurate last night on MSNBC, and if the Booz Allen Hamilton claim that Snowden worked for them only a few months, where did he find the time to get “outraged” over the not-secret program and then download the documents? Could it be he walked into the job specifically to steal secrets?

2) Pretty big SCOTUS decision yesterday means that your body is yours, and cannot be trademarked by anyone else.

3) I guess they’re desperate for money. Maybe if, you know, you don’t go around shooting innocent kids…

4) I disagree with E. J. Dionne here: I don’t think the conversation we need to have now is “liberty v. security,” at least not at the level he suggests. No, the conversation we have to have now is what is an acceptable risk? How likely is it that even September 11 could be recreated by a terror network—much less a more deadly and brutal terror attack -- given the tightening the nation has done legally and publicly? Once that conversation is had, then we’ll know if we need to edit the Constitution.

5) Not content with the Panama Canal, China has a man, a plan, a canal: Nicaragua?

6) The solar powered plane flying across the country is about half-way, leaving St. Louis today for Cincinnati. So far, it’s taken about five weeks.

7) The new Superman movie opens today, and people who know me well will know that I’m going to see it this weekend, for reasons that should be obvious to those cognoscenti, but is it time for him to retire? Side note to any producers who would be intrigued by this idea: I’m available.

8) Technology and labor mix about as well as capitalism and democracy: that is, not at all.

9) And so it begins…

10) Finally, if you’re upset about the looks of the hooker you hired, take a page from the Secret Service: pay your money, and shut your mouth.