Friday, September 06, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Vlad Putin might want to rethink his bellicose nature. Calling people “liars” is rich, coming from a guy who’s proven he’s all about ethnic cleansing in his own hegemony. Just ask the Chechens. Or the Georgians. Or the Uzbeks. Or Pussy Riot.

2) Iranians wish Jews a Happy New Year. Wait, what????

3) The Schaden, it freudes!

4) Now maybe we have a place to put Arizona.

5) When a New York mayor talks about “low income housing,” I’m not sure this is what most people think of.

6) For folks who thought Obama snubbed Putin, he didn’t. I sort of suspected this was going to happen anyway, just not in Moscow.

7) Perhaps they own dogs, Mike?

8) People still get the mumps?

9) Leapin’ lemurs!

10) And finally, the bulletproof squirrel