Friday, October 18, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Not News: Racist Republican candidate is racist. News: He’s running for mayor of New York.

2) Sabre-tooths are among us.

3) John Boehner, Weaker Boener, doesn’t seem to feel the knife in his back.

4) The stress of closing then re-opening the government got to a lot of people. Some more than others.

5) Our long national nightmare is over.

6) Stephen Colbert was on fire last night at the Al Smith dinner. Many of those jokes are inside Noo Yawk stuff, but you’ll enjoy them.

7) If only Chuck Todd had the balls to say this to Ted Cruz’s face. I’d have respect for him.


9) The Teabaggers may be the death of the Republican party. PARTAY!

10) If you believe this, he has a bridge to sell you.