Monday, October 07, 2013

Why Is Weaker Boener Killing Children?

There are more than enough votes to put a clean continuing resolution (CR) up for a vote.

So why won’t Weaker Boener do it?

He’s Speaker of the House, and can destroy any member of his caucus who opposes him (oh, for the days of a real Speaker who could wrangle his people back into line!)

He has enough evidence that the shutdown is playing as a deeply unpopular Republican strategy. Even among conservatives!

And he’s already signaled that he will bring the debt ceiling to a vote next week and expects it to be raised, so he clearly has some stroke still.

So what’s he waiting for? The attempt to paint the shutdown as Obama’s doing, the attempt to smear the President as unwilling to compromise, has flown about as well as a three year old’s excuse that he didn’t stuff all that toilet paper down the drain, that somebody snuck in the house and did it.

Indeed, Boener is facing a major leadership crisis in the House as Democrats and moderate Republicans seek to bypass him and force a vote on a clean CR. He must know the clock is ticking. Is he determined to destroy the US – and by the extension, the world’s – economy? Is it possible he’s thrown up his hands and decided that the Teabaggers need to learn a lesson…at the expense of 7 billion other people on this planet, including 330 million Americans?

If there was ever a time to stop drinking and start thinking, Mr. Weaker Boener, that time has come.