Friday, February 14, 2014

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The Winter Olympics in Sochi have been filled with really bizarre happenings. From the withdrawal of Evgeni Plushenko from the men’s figure skating competition to the abject failure of the American speed skating team to win even a single medal despite having an aerospace firm design their skinsuits – thus proving, I suppose, it ain’t rocket science – to Sarka Pancochova’s infamous helmet-splitting crash (no one was hurt) in snowboard slopestyle, this has undoubtedly been a weird Olympic games. Thank god for shortsleeve cross-country skiing!

2) Man, I am sooooooooooooooooooo over this winter.

3) It’s official: Virginia is finally for lovers (pending appeals).

4) Will they? Won’t they? The GOP has become a cartoonish soap opera this year. Here’s why.

5) So Comcast is buying Time-Warner Cable. This is a little like Oscar Madison buying Al Bundy to help pick up the mess.

6) Let me know when they add “philosopher-king” to the list.

7) I meant to post this last week, but I forgot. Pass the antibiotics!

8) Mayor Bill de Blasio has caught an earful this winter with all the snowstorms the city has had. The latest? He refused to close schools yesterday, despite at least ten inches of snow recorded across the city. Even Al Roker went nuts on the mayor. It was a borderline decision, and I can understand the logic behind much of de Blasio’s thinking: while there was a lot of snow, it changed over to rain ahead of the morning rush, washing a lot of it away. The Sanitation Department did yeoman work clearing roads overnight, and the forecast for the afternoon was much better, with mostly rain washing away most of the fallen snow. Still, just about half the students made it in, which indicates that an awful lot of parental wisdom was against the mayor. I think he probably should have closed the schools, but I’m not adamant about it.

9) I guess the neighbor didn’t mow his lawn often enough?

10) Finally, Happy Valentine’s Day! Men, you need to get your heart on for your baby!