Friday, February 28, 2014

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) It’s cold. It’s the kind of cold that saps your energy the way staying up for 72 hours straight, then quitting coffee would.

2) Speaking of weather, for the past eight weeks, I’ve seen nothing but gloating from Southern Californians about our cold weather. So there’s a small invitation to schadenfreude today.

3) As goes Texas, so goes the South.

4) I disagree with this article. Here’s how the Teabaggers have changed politics:                *crickets*

5) Introducing Sharkcam

6) OK, so there’s a Mommy and a Daddy and…?

7) The more he opens his mouth, the more persuaded I am that Joe Biden will run for President. It’s not often a sitting Veep gets knocked out in the primaries.

8) Well, if they want two assholes for the ark, they can just invite their Senators.

9) And now we know who cut the cheese.

10) Finally, it’s yoga mats, all the way down.