Friday, March 21, 2014

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I think I broke my boss, the Bag of Salted Rat Dicks, last night. I dislike power plays, but I dislike being bullied even more. There’s no winners in this, I recognize it, but there are degrees of losing and – here’s a Pro-Tip, kids – the minute you have to say you’re in charge, you’re not.

2) I think this sums up Malaysian Air 370 succinctly. Even if they found a debris field today, and they haven’t, it will likely still take weeks to find the actual plane wreckage and recover bodies.

3) There’s a movement afoot at Wonkette to try and get this girl a pizza party for her actions in saving a classmate from at least serious injury and possibly suicide. Yours truly is a trouble maker. J

4) Question: How does one just “find” a virtual currency? It’s not like they were buried in a coffee can in the backyard.

5) Hey, you know what has the largest genome in the natural world? Here’s a hint: It ain’t human.

6) I’m not sure whether to applaud this kid or be horrified.

7) Fred Phelps is dead. There will be no funeral. Ironic, I suppose. Certainly, there’s a measure of cowardice there. Assuming it wasn’t all one giant trolling.

8) Apparently, Honolulu cops get to taste the merchandise to be sure it should get arrested.

9) Can the SCOTUS build a ruling so big it can’t be overruled? We’ll find out.

10) Finally, toe sucking in the news.