Friday, May 09, 2014

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) This is what freedom looks like. I keep in mind that a lot of this hearkens back to Hugo Chavez and how he tossed out candies of government patronage while keeping the food of freedom away from the table.

2) Solar now, solar forever.

3) Fairy cake not included.

4) Sanity may finally win out with voter ID laws.

5) I can understand South Dakota being number one. A lot of credit card companies have their “headquarters” there because there are no usury laws so they can charge whatever interest rate they damned well please, which means a lot of clerical workers are needed. New York being so low on the list is a bit of a surprise, tho.

6) Putin rubs Ukraine’s nose in it.

7) Mitt Romney backs a minimum wage hike. This is not an Onion article.

8) Simple answer, guys: Yes

9) How to make $5 into $100. No, this is not a work-at-home scam. Well, sort of. I mean, you can do it at home and there is work, and ultimately, you scam other people.

10) Creeping Sharia! And it’s shaved meat!