Friday, June 20, 2014

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Presidential politics seems to be heating up early this cycle. We’re starting to see opposition research come to the fore two years out.

2) Of course, sometimes it doesn’t even require an opponent to trip yourself up.

3) And one more Presidential campaign item: Start hotting up the popcorn.

4) Another fact that provides evidence that we are careening to worldwide war: There are more refugees now than at any time since the last world war. Think this doesn’t affect us? Think again. Texas calls them criminals, potential drug mules and every insult a politician can legally muster into speechifying, but the tragic fact is, things at home not only in Mexico, but Honduras and Guatemala and even Colombia, are so bad, parents will risk their childrens’ lives to see them safely into El Norte.

5) A real ugly chapter in New York City history closes. Not everyone feels the closure. Not one cop, not one malicious ADA, was ever punished for this crime.

6) You know, my arthritis has really been bothering me lately.

7) We’re sending “troops” to Iraq.

8) Looks like the Teabaggers have shot themselves in the foot. Again.  

9) This week in star farts

10) Listen, about that arthritis….