Friday, October 28, 2005

Score One For the Right Wing, Literally

In a week that had mixed results for the Religious Right, what with losing a valuable athlete and role model, Sheryl Swoopes, Mr. Sulu from Star Trek, and having to tussle to get Harriet Miers to withdraw her nomination, comes this tidbit (hat tip to Miss Cellania....where DOES she get those marvelous toys???)...

Gay penguin goes straight
From: From correspondents in New York
September 26, 2005

THE animal kingdom's most famous gay couple has split up. Silo and Roy, the cohabiting penguins of Central Park Zoo, are no longer an item.

The pair rose to prominence six years ago when they came out with their same-sex relationship.

Since then, they have successfully hatched and raised an adoptive chick (after an uncertain start that involved trying to incubate a rock).

They blazed a trail for six other gay penguin couples at the zoo.

But the affair ended when Scrappy, a new female penguin, moved into the neighbourhood and caught Silo's eye.

"Silo and Roy stopped spending as much time together or building a nest," John Rowden, the zoo's head curator, told The New York Post.

Silo promptly moved in with Scrappy, building a new nest with her.

Zookeepers are at a loss to explain Silo's sudden conversion.

I hear Anne Heche has been called in to consult with zoo officials...