Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Now The War On Christmas Is Over...

....who will the right declare war on next?

If you said "homosexuals," give yourself five points.

From James Wolcott:
I suspect Stanley hasn't even picked the right phony controversy to work himself into a lather about. What's really got the Christian activists' chastity belts in a swivel is NBC's Book of Daniel, a series where Jesus rides in the front seat with Aidan Quinn and same-sex loving seems to be bursting out all over. More insidious propaganda from heathen Hollywood, and, as the American Family Association helpfully notes, it's written by one of them: "The writer for the series is a practicing homosexual."

I'm not sure how the AFA keeps tabs on "practicing homosexuals" as opposed to those who are only nominally gay and never leave the house, but I suppose they have their methods.
"Stanley" refers to Stan Kurtz, chief crackpot wanker of the National Review Online. Apparently, Stan's knickers are in a twist over a new (and as yet, unproduced series) on HBO called "Big Love". Apparently, Kurtz was unaware that the traditions of the Mormon church included polygamy, and HBO is producing a series examining the trials and tribulations of this arrangement.

But nooooooooooooooo, that's not juicy enough for Kurtz's Christian family values motif (curious, he wrote all this on Christmas...go fig...could it be he's....Jewish?????), he has to drag in the fact that one of the writers on the series is....*gasp*....GAY!.

Wow. A Hollywood writer who is gay...I mean, I never imagined in all the years I've worked on movies and in theatre that there were actual gay men and women around me!

I just thought they were flamboyant.

Anyways...Kurtz tortures logic enough to make a black-ops CIA agent cringe, and somehow flings the following catapeltic turd: "No, polygamy is being used to legitimate same-sex marriage! In other words, gay marriage and group marriage are mutually reinforcing, and both depend upon the larger view that families ought to be whatever people want them to be."

(Sorry for the link, but I got lectured about my exploitation of massive vocabularly)

Hope you didn't split an anal wart pushing that one out, Stan. He goes on to let the rest of his steaming pile flow out predictably, bringing up that famed homophobe and defender of Krustianity, Mel Gibson, and wondered "What Would Hollywood Do?" if Gibson produced a series about "reformed" homosexuals going straight...

Wolcott does a masterful job of skewering Kurtz' premise by pointing out that HBO is indeed a subscription channel (you gotta read his column, I can't and won't try to do it justice here) and as such not beholden to anyone but its viewers, who probably don't give a rat's ass about "The Passion of.....KEEEEEEEEEEERIST! Is that movie a bloody fucking mess or what????".

Wolcott's column got me to thinking now, since Christmas is over and Fitzmas is only just warming up, how will the clown car inhabitants try to distract us now? Can't claim a "war on Christmas," when Christmas clearly won, so what next?

I guess they'll trot out the ol' saw: fag bashing.

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