Saturday, January 14, 2006

New York State Is Being Sued By Bush!

On January 10, 2006, the Department of Justice sent a letter to Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and the New York State Board of Elections informing them that:
"I have authorized the filing of a lawsuit on behalf of the United States against the State of New York as well as the New York State Board of Elections, et al, pursuant to Sections 301 and 303(a) of the Help America Vote Act of 2002, 42 U.S.C && 15481 and 15483(a).Section 401 of HAVA, 42 U.S.C. & 15511, authorizes the Attorney General to bring an action in federal district court for such declaratory and injunctive relief as is necessary to carry out the requirements of Title III of HAVA."
Apparently, Bush and his DoJ feel that New York State is not moving fast enough to allow for the manipulation mechanization of future elections in compliance with the Help America Vote Act, otherwise known as Newspeak for "Help Diebold Rig Elections".

See, this is what I don't get here. New York State has never ever reported results late, nor has anyone ever disputed (with any seriousness) the recounts of elections here. Why? Because these old mechanical pull lever machines work just fine. You pull a tiny lever. You see your vote. If you voted incorrectly, you flip the lever back up and revote. You pull this big friendly lever to the left, and voila! Your vote is recorded.

Machines that have been tampered with are evident even to untrained eyes, and you don't need a Master's degree in assembly coding to figure out what was changed.

It ain't broke, so don't fix it.

Of course, that might be Spitzer's intent from the get-go, plus he gets to make a real political splash by taking on and overturning HAVA.

More at Vicky Perry's blog.

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