Monday, January 09, 2006

NOW She Wakes Up!

From a fellow blogger, and someone I consider a distant friend...ok, there's a restraining order involved, OK? Happy you asked????
Model Housewife Turns Feminist

.... after her husband leaves her.

Well that's a wakeup call. It's your 40th wedding anniversary and you are congratulated with divorce papers because the husband found a younger model. What is a 67 year old woman to do? A woman who devoted her life to husband and family?
Wow. I mean, wow. 67 years old, forty years of living an incipient lie.

Plus ça change, plus ce meme chose...Why is it the Arianna Huffingtons, the David Brocks, and now, the Terry Hekkers of the world get the message AFTER they've caused the damage???

Of course, I see another "convert" on the horizon....