Monday, January 09, 2006

NOW She Wakes Up!

From a fellow blogger, and someone I consider a distant friend...ok, there's a restraining order involved, OK? Happy you asked????
Model Housewife Turns Feminist

.... after her husband leaves her.

Well that's a wakeup call. It's your 40th wedding anniversary and you are congratulated with divorce papers because the husband found a younger model. What is a 67 year old woman to do? A woman who devoted her life to husband and family?
Wow. I mean, wow. 67 years old, forty years of living an incipient lie.

Plus ├ža change, plus ce meme chose...Why is it the Arianna Huffingtons, the David Brocks, and now, the Terry Hekkers of the world get the message AFTER they've caused the damage???

Of course, I see another "convert" on the horizon....