Friday, January 20, 2006

Rush Limbaugh Spotted In London

Whale spotted in central London

A large whale has been spotted in the River Thames in central London by boaters and sightseers.
The mammal, thought to be a 17ft (5m) northern bottle-nosed whale, was seen swimming past the Houses of Parliament.

"I saw it blow, it was a spout of water which sparkled in the air," said Tom Howard-Vyne, who works at the London Eye, on the other side of the river.

The whale is believed to have travelled upstream passing the Thames Barrier on Thursday night or early on Friday.
The "blow" part was the clue that it was merely Rush on a sightseeing boat, apparently leaving Daryn back home...
Are Rush Limbaugh and Daryn Kagan on the rocks?

It was almost two years ago that Lowdown exclusively revealed the surprising romance between the right-wing talk-radio star and the publicly apolitical CNN anchor.

That was when the two showed up together at a small private dinner at Patsy's for Vice President Cheney during the Republican Convention. The rest of the media jumped on the story, and there was even speculation that Limbaugh, who was separated from third wife Marta, would be getting married to Kagan once his divorce came through.

But Kagan's colleagues at CNN have been buzzing about the absence of an engagement ring, and now I hear that the high-profile pair is going through a rough patch.

"Politically, they were not a good fit," reports a Lowdown spy. "She broke it off. She is heartbroken. He is playing golf."

"This is news to her," claimed a friend of the couple. "They love each other very much and have no plans to break up."

A confidant of Limbaugh, who's at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic in Palm Desert, Calif., had no comment.

Ditto Kagan.

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