Thursday, February 23, 2006

Aw Shit!

FCC renews tough indecency rulings


February 23, 2006

The federal government will ban another four-letter word and sanction Fox, NBC and CBS as part of dozens of upcoming indecency rulings, signaling a renewed crackdown by the Bush administration, sources said.[....]

The agency also decided to prohibit a common expletive for excrement after celebrity Nicole Richie used the word at the 2003 Billboard Music Awards, the officials said.
It took them three years to add this word-- OK, 43 years if you go by George Carlin's bit? Why? Were they making sure in case Bush said it during his re-election bid?

What is the deal with a word that most kids will hear by the time they're four from their parents or older friends or siblings? For that matter, why in the hell are kids up at that hour anyway? When I was a lad, coming from a strict family, when I was young enough to be influenced by words like "shit", I was already in bed and fast asleep!

What is it with the bluenoses on the right wing that they can't get their kids to sleep, hmmmmmmm? Or would that mean more time for marital sex, an activity they simply can't abide?

I've never censored myself in front of my child (I will out of respect for other parents, to be sure, but then again, they can't change my channel) because I feel that if it affects me strongly enough to "go there," then she ought to understand that it's OK to feel something that strongly.

Sure beats being some anally-retentive asshole who blushed when the word "damn" is uttered and has no handle on a real tragedy.

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