Friday, February 24, 2006

Hey, Honey...You Can Trust Us!

It's interesting to me, an amateur social transactional psychologist (occupational hazard of acting), to see the nation's reaction to the whole "ports control" issue, more so for the dynamic of watching the Bush administration flounder about, realizing it has thoroughly lost control of the dialogue in the nation.

"Trust us," Bush says.

I'm not too comforted by those words, and I see the nation is not, either. This dynamic begins to play out in an enormous, classic "Battered Wife Syndrome" way.

Bush has been the abusive husband-- financially, emotionally, mentally, and even physically (sending troops to Iraq). He's squandered a lot of what he was given, both in 2000 and 2004 (we can say it was stolen, and it was, but it really should never have come to where the margins were so close that he could steal it. That's our responsibility.) And yet he asked us to trust him as President.

And we did. Despite the fact that he busied himself on August 6th, 2001, doing yard work, instead of mobilizing at least a stinking task force to meet inside the month to talk about this rather startling PDB he'd been handed.

Despite the fact that within days of September 11, he had already drafted war plans to invade Iraq on evidence of "crimes" that were dubious and sketchy at best, knowing full well "wifey" would never seriously challenge the evidence. And if "she" did, he had ways of shutting her up.

He spent our life savings, which we had preciously put away for that inevitable rainy day, and then took a cut in pay because it was "too easy to spend" the family fortune. Except on his toy soldiers, of course and give aways to the local garage, where they gas up his Hummer and change the oil daily for him.

And then he yells at us for driving too much and wasting gas.

He's promised us he would protect us from harm, yet there's at least three muggers lurking in the bushes (pun intended) outside the house, waiting for us to let the cat out so they can jump us. And he won't be around when it happens. Probably have an Elks meeting or will be out riding his bike. Hell, he got a phone call telling him we're about to be mugged again! What's he doing about it? Is he even standing up and telling bin Laden, "Enough! We're coming back to Afghanistan, and we're finding you this time?" Nope.

Meanwhile, all he's been able to do these past four and a half years has been to make empty threats, if even that. Oh...and he put that poor deluded crazy man down the block, Saddam, into a mental hospital, even though he hadn't done a goddamn thing to us, and called it a victory.

Sure. And crushing frogs under the wheels of your bike is hunting! Meanwhile, the kids are being sent to Iraq to clean up the mess he left behind. And dying. So he can claim he beat up the guy who beat up his daddy!?

When his drinking buddy, Kenny Boy, borrowed gobs of money from his "wives" and then hid it in his mattress, then said he couldn't pay it back, did Bush offer to help them out? Nope. He denied he ever even knew the bastard. Poor girls. Had billions tied up in that jerk, the same jerk that got Bush elected president of the Elks.

Even now, he's putting cousins of that damn mugger outside in charge of opening and closing the gate to the yard! And we're supposed to "trust him". What the fuck is up with that??? The last time he put his "reputation on the line," that poor Harriet Miers was all but called a lesbian when she ran for traffic court! Some reputation this asshole has! And he never even stood up for her beyond paying some lip service to her, and making her look like some moony-eyed starlet. Always wondered about that...

This guy is hiding behind the bodies of 6,000 Americans who serve one purpose and one purpose only: to cover the fact that deep down inside, this guy's a wimp who couldn't change a lightbulb on the doorstep if you didn't spot him the bulb, the fixture, a ladder.

And an electrician.

Now, we feel like we're the big-titted wife whom he trots out for his drinking parties, humiliates and then makes us take our top off for the guys.

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