Thursday, February 16, 2006

'One Of The Worst Days Of My Life'

WASHINGTON -- Vice President Dick Cheney said in a broadcast interview yesterday that he accepts full blame for mistakenly shooting a hunting partner last weekend, abandoning his tight-lipped stance on an accident that has drawn sharp criticism and proved damaging to the Bush administration. In his first public comments on the incident, Cheney called the day of the shooting "one of the worst days of my life," appearing somber and shaken as he described having shot Harry M. Whittington, a 78-year-old Austin lawyer, Saturday afternoon.
It would be easy to focus on the fact that it took 18 hours for the news to come out (and I will in a different post, coming to a VDT near you soon).

I have a different question: does Cheney-- who dodged the draft five times during Vietnam, not even bothering to enroll in the National Guard (like his chickenshit boss did) and fire a real weapon, yet rushed our boys and girls into combat-- now get it? Does he get the horror our soldiers face each and every day?

Imagine Mr. Cheney, if that had been Ayman al-Zawahiri, and he had a gun pointed right at you, and he hit you just as you hit Harry Whittington, but blew your face off rather than put a few new blackheads in it? Or it was a thirteen year old boy, raging at you because you've invaded his homeland and it was either you or him? Hell, imagine if the quail you were hunting had been armed, and your Hummer subject to an IED blast?

Do you see now what you've done to countless thousands of young men and women? Not only the ones who have died for your imperialistic hubris, but the ones who, worse, survived to bring the horror of an unjust war against an uncooperative enemy (damn them for not throwing their weapons down and surrendering like they did in Gulf War I!), in which women and children are targets because the enemy has made them easy prey for your boys and girls?

All you did was pepper a old man's face with some pellets that, but for one travelling to his heart, wouldn't have kept him from a day's work.

These kids, you've killed. Do you get it NOW?