Thursday, February 16, 2006

So Why The Delay, Dick?

Some have speculated that it was because it was unclear whether Whittington would live or die.

Actually, there's an even more lurid possibility.

According to the NY Daily News' columnists, Rush and Malloy, Cheney and Ambassador Willeford are a little more than shooting buddies, or rather, rifles aren't the only weapons Dick points at his hunting companions...

Vice President Cheney appears to have dodged the buckshot of gossip-hunters. Radio host Alex Bennett yesterday floated the rumor that Cheney delayed reporting his shooting accident Saturday in an effort to "hide or spin" the presence of Pamela Willeford, ambassador to Switzerland. Huffingtonpost blogger Bob Cesca wrote, "The rumor goes that Lynne Cheney isn't happy with Cheney's close relationship with Willeford." Trouble is, the Dallas Morning News reports that the ambassador's husband, Dr. George Willeford III, was also in the hunting party, but shooting in a different field, about a mile away.

As if that's ever stopped two determined lovers from doing the dirty, the husband being nearby...and maybe Lynne should stop researching her next lesbian Western and start servicing her husband's needs?

Maybe we should start referring to him as Slick Dick? *snark*