Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thank YOU, Mr. Obvious!

Giuliani: Another terror attack in U.S. likely

By Josh Noel
Tribune staff reporter

April 5, 2006

Speaking in Chicago today at an urban affairs forum, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani warned another large-scale terrorist attack on U.S. soil was likely.

"It's better to assume we will be attacked again and go from there," Giuliani said during a speech at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Ya think?

Ya think the failures of the administration that you so whole-heartedly have supported, in stark contradiction to your years of battling fellow Republicans when they simply were wrong, *might* come back to bite us in the ass?

Ya think it's any wonder that the cities and areas with the largest and most dense populations voted for Gore and Kerry ahead of these jackasses?
"It would be irrational not to be afraid of another attack," he said. "But the fear should lead you to do what a police officer does or a firefighter or a soldier or what Mayor (Richard M.) Daley did: prepare."
Oh? You mean terrorizing the shit out of nation whenever you fall behind in the polls is not a good idea? That maybe, eventually, you end up being Chikcken Little, and people ignore you?

What is it with these bozos in the Republican party that they think it's OK to manipulate people until it isn't such a good idea (like, say, after a devastating flood) because it draws attention to their failures?

Why not do what every President should do: be honest with us.

No one expected another 9-11 attack right after the first, even if many of us were scared of one. We sensed that Osama had shot his wad for a while, and guess what? It took him 911 days to attack again, and even then, he had to attack closer to home. And then 7/7/05 happened in London. A little further away.

NOW is the time to have been preparing all along for an attack, but calmly, rationally. We had a terrorist attack, and the best this administration could do was give us a rainbow. And sell duck tape and plastic sheeting, produced, I note, by some heavyweight campaign contributors.

Rudy, as a side note, I really hope you run for President. And get clobbered, which is likely from both sides, because maybe, just maybe, the truth of your mayoralty will become evident to everyone: you are an unprincipled jerk who only knows how to promote yourself at the expense of those who suffer your ego.

(hat tip to Miss C for the're forgiven, officially :-) )

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