Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How The Right Wing Nutcases Operate

Check this out. In regards to my article yesterday linking the consumption of hormones and how it affects the body, as pertains to two articles on the topic, this shithead misquoted me as saying that I was linking this particular drug to President Bush
Related: Ace wrote about something similar in March. Allah says women are turning into men (and men into women -- check that photo). As for the blogs I'm not familiar with: Jessica at feminsting.com notes that this news story gives her an excuse to post a picture of a stuffed tampon. (More things I didn't know existed.) Carl at Simply Left Behind ends his post on the subject by saying, "Oh yeah. I forgot. Our President doesn't give a shit." I kid you not.
Well, you can imagine I tore him a new one. So I did!
No I didn't. My reference was to the fact that the Federal government has reduced enforcement and loosened food additive rules, which you would know if you bothered to read the fucking post, shithead.

But I forget, you probably think Rush Limbaugh is a font of information....

But what's really odd about all this, the majority of Americans want to eat a healthier diet, even as we become more obese and less healthy. "According to a survey by the Washington-based Food Marketing Institute, 59 percent of shoppers were trying to eat a healthier diet last year, up 14 percent from 2000. Forty-two percent of those shoppers said losing weight is a health goal that influences their purchases."

Now, I'm no vegan, even if my doctor says I would benefit from it. I drink my cheap American beer (not going to endorse the product here, mostly because they're not paying me, but it's the one that always advertises with horses during the Super Bowl) with its formaldehyde and preservatives, and I eat the occasional candy bar (rarely) and buy prepackaged foods from time to time.

I have to balance a busy schedule with my health concerns. I understand that. But look at how much harder I have to work to eat healthy when I do. Now compound that by the fact that I have more choices: I live in a reasonably upper middle class area, which means that people can afford more organic and more healthy foods, which means stores provide them. I can drive to my supermarket, and am not forced to munch down a Whopper on my walk from the subway. I can handpick from a large selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, as opposed to grabbing a tired banana off the top of the short stack at the local delicatessen, right in front of the "fruit-containing snacks" display.

And I'm in the home stretch when it comes to raising a kid, so I have much more time than a harried mother (or father) of two or three, trying to schedule shopping around school, work, band practice, Little League and getting out of the house for a movie.

How is this happening? WHY is this happening?

Oh yeah. I forgot. Our President doesn't give a shit.

Now, I think that's a slightly different meaning than an idiot like you would bother to give it, putting it in context of hormonal therapy for a period, but hey, if it floats your boat to lie about other people's beliefs, then that's your own fucking problem.
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