Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Big News

A couple of weeks later than I thought it would be, but nevertheless, it has officially happened.



It is with GREAT pride and extreme pleasure that I can announce that your favorite blog and mine, "Simply Left Behind", has been syndicated to actual living breathing news organizations worldwide.

You can find it here, at Malibu, California's only daily newspaper, here, at Internationalist Magazine, and here, at New York News, a round up of all the important news coming out of New York City.

In addition to my blog being shared by these three fine news outlets, I am writing original pieces for PCH Press and the Internationalist.

You may resume blogging now. :-)

P.S. Careful readers of "Simply Left Behind" may recall the contest I had to rename this blog. That was a bit of a smokescreen, I confess, as I was really trying to come up with a name for my Internationalist Mag blog, which is called "Soup With A Fork," to honor how I do things the hard way.