Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Wacko Round Up

Courtesy of Media Matters. Apparently, from the posts there and some of the trolls that have decided to fan out into Blogtopia (© Skippy), the right wing is in serious meltdown mode. Some of it is particularly funny:
Coulter: "[L]iberal" "health fanatics ... encourage every form of polymorphous perversity [including] ... anal sex and fisting"
You can't make this shit up. Nevermind that there are more Republicans under indictment, arrest or investigation for sex crimes than there are Democrats in the Senate, nevermind that the list I just linked to is woefully out of date and doesn't include Porter Goss or Duke Cunningham, nevermind that there are documented allegations of "boy toy sex rings" operating in BOTH Bush White Houses, no, Ann believes that liberals, are sex offenders.

Which leads me to the question of the day: How does Ann square the fact that she dated a porn merchant with her obsession with moral values? Moreover, why doesn't this shining bastion ( did say "bastION") of American virtue not have kids or even a husband? I mean, even Angelina Jolie managed to adopt a few kids...Next?
Fox's Colby: "[W]hy would North Korea push our buttons ... when they know -- they can see in Iraq -- when we come in, we get the job done?"
Between Coulter and Colby (not to mention preternaturally albinic John Gibson), there must be something they're putting in bottles of hair bleach nowadays to make blondes even dumber, is all I can figure. The occupation of Iraq has been nothing less than an unmitigated disaster, serving only to increase the number of terror attacks and fatalities worldwide since we invaded the country, and these folks think this should scare Kim Jong Il?

Finally, on the Friday Wacko Round Up, we come, sadly, to Norah O'Donnell, who besides being perhaps the foxiest reporter on cable TV (which is sort of like saying Rosie O'Donnell is the straightest lesbian), has somehow seemed to become a lot more partisan as the years have passed, probably due to the right wing working the ref so often on her (and possibly stalking her, altho that's mere speculation on my part). To-wit:
MSNBC's O'Donnell on Cindy Sheehan's hunger strike: "Isn't this really just more of a publicity stunt?"
Now, I have no great love for Cindy Sheehan, but her points are valid and her efforts to wake people up cannot be denied as having been effective, if only for the fact that people are talking about her.

So to say that this is a publicity stunt smacks of cheapness. Cindy has become so intertwined with the anti-war movement, it's not at all unlike President Bush flying secretly into Iraq, and celebrating his 60th birthday at a military base. The question then is, where is Norah on those particular little photo ops?

But my good friend, Elderta, reminded me in comments of this little doozy:
Now, to catch you up to date...a while back, Michelle Malkin had...issues, with UC Santa Cruz. Apparently, the military had sent recruiters, apparently without a permit, to infest attend a job fair, in an effort to sign some kids up. Protestors stormed the fair, and the military fled (sounds like an insurgency in Iraq, but that's a different tale). Malkin went ballistic, but rather than try to track down the students who protested and ask their side of the story, Malkin sent her dark-hearted horde after the school's chancellor, Denise Denton, who had no part in any of what happened.

Well, it worked. Perhaps better than Malkin intended. On June 24, Denton, 46, went and jumped from the roof of one of the tallest buildings in San Francisco. The reasons cited were "politics, scandal, and a high public profile." Basically, if you read between the lines, Malkin killed her with hatred.

You might think that Malkin might at least shed a tear over this. Apparently not:
If I had said anything, his ilk would have jumped all over me for not having the compassion to keep quiet about her various scandals and corruptocrat ways and let her loved ones mourn in peace.
Yah huh. So basically, Mickey, it's "goodbye to bad rubbish," huh?

You might think she'd have a shred of decency, but that would require humanity, and if there's one thing this thread of right wing apologist bitches has shown, there's a bit of a stretch between a human being and a right winger. As I've said before, the only reasons women like Malkin and Coulter exist is so men don't have to change the channel from Fox to Playboy to jerk off.

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