Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Different Kind Of Diplomacy

I'm guessing negotiations reached some sort of impasse:
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel has recalled its ambassador in El Salvador after he was found drunk and naked with sex toys lying nearby in the yard of his official residence, Israeli media reports said on Monday.

A foreign ministry spokeswoman confirmed that the ambassador, Tsuriel Raphael, was recalled but offered no details. "The ministry sees his behavior as unbecoming of a diplomat," the spokeswoman said.

Israeli media reported that local police found Raphael in the yard of the official residence in San Salvador. The reports said he was drunk, naked, and bound and gagged with a rubber ball in his mouth and sex toys lying near him.
Clearly, this is an example that America might consider trying. Just imagine Condoleeza Rice speaking with Iranian President Ahmedinejad...