Friday, June 29, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

This has been a weird week for news. So many little aggravating and annoying stories have surfaced, it's hard to keep track of them all.

1) The car bombs in London are particularly disturbing in light of the fact that London is notorious for its "Ring of Iron" video system which can track a car coming into the city, driving around and leaving without ever being out of camera range. Imagine, instead, this car had been parked on the streets of Manhattan.

2) American forces in Iraq suffered their 100th casualty in June this morning.

3) The iPhone. Want it. Won't buy it until they drop the worst carrier in the cellular business. It will be like the low hanging sour grapes of fabledom.

4) Another example of Republicans praying the problem would go away: Bush wishes Cuba's Castro would disappear

5) Paris Who?

6) Speaking of celebrities, this weekend marks what would have been Princess Diana's 46th birthday, and ten years since her death. NBC will be showing highlights of the concert for Diana from London. As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I'm not a big celebrity fawner. Titles, accomplishments, crowns, mean very little to me, as does being famous for being rich and famous, but I have a slight fascination with Diana. I've always felt this strange connection to her, even tho I've never met her nor do I know anyone who has. This feeling manifested itself one night in September 1997 when, while in the midst of an existential crisis, I was sitting on my deck staring at the stars. Diana's funeral had ended earlier that afternoon, and I was pondering her troubled life and comparing it to my own, when a question flashed into my head simultaneous to a meteor flashing through the sky. I've always believed that was the spirit of Diana, sending me some sort of message that I have yet to figure out. Perhaps she was part of my karass.

7) One more thing on celebrities: the whole Chris Benoit incident has taken a truly dark and disturbing turn, with the revelation this morning that Benoit's Wikipedia entry was altered to read that he had killed his wife hours before the bodies of his family were "discovered". It wouldn't surprise me to find out that someone from the WWE had entered his house over the weekend and cleaned up a bit before the police were called. More disturbing is the about face that the WWE has taken in portraying Benoit. Monday night saw a three hour tribute to him, often quoting other wrestlers saying Benoit was the consummate family man who always brought his kids to the shows, and how polite and well-behaved they were. One night later, nary a word was said about Benoit. And then there was this reprehensible weasel interview with WWE chairman Vince McMahon on the Today Show.

8) Ironically, the WWE had been running an angle which had McMahon die in a fiery car bombing. Talk about prescient of the news...

9) This would shut down half of Congress.

10) Somewhere, Jerry Falwell is smiling. I've never particularly liked the Teletubbies, to be sure, and always felt that they were a marketing machine wrapped in an educational program.

11) Poor Michael Moore. It seems like no one wants him to talk. Megapoints for trying to walk into the lion's den to speak, tho.

12) Oh, THAT Paris Hilton!

13) Global warming hits Jupiter.

14) My favorite Spice Girl was always Baby Spice, but, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, it looks like she took me up on my offer to have my baby...

Or maybe it was Posh.


No, wait, Scary.

Sporty has gotten cute, too. . Of course, I only know these ladies because my daughter is the right age...