Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Unintentionally Funny

I often wonder if Bush, the great American frat boy, does this kind of stuff deliberately:
LONDON (Reuters) - President George W Bush wrote a lengthy tribute to Prime Minister Tony Blair on his last day in power on Wednesday, describing him as "a strong guy" and dismissing claims that the British leader acted as his "poodle."

[...]"I've heard he's been called 'Bush's poodle'. He's bigger than that," he said. "We're working together to achieve global peace in the face of enormous danger. This kind of thing is just silly ridicule."
Presumably, that's intended to mean that Bush and Blair are equals. But you know, you could take that to mean Blair is "just a bigger dog," like maybe a schnauser or terrier, and Bush is sniggering as he baldfacedly insults Blair (and the UK) while paying him a backhanded compliment.

It's likely better, Dumbya, to just let those kind of comments alone, and to focus on the bigger picture of paying tribute to Blair. Since it's unlikely you actually wrote this letter alone and unassisted, I'm going to presume that you meant to say this, and that you phrased it deliberately ambiguously so as to demean Blair, while saying good bye.

Sort of, "So long, suckah!"

The biggest joke of the letter, tho?
"We have very different speaking styles, of course. He's much more kind of lofty and eloquent than I am. I tend to be just pretty matter of fact."
(emphasis added)

If only...