Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Kick Michael Fumento's Ass

From comments in my post, The Swirling Waters
Simply by following your link, readers can see I didn't say "liberals" split a but when the Twin Towers fell but rather was making a specific reference to a single blogger and some of his commentators. So you're a liar and too stupid to realize how readily you could be caught, what's new?

And while you question my courage, fact is I've been embedded three times in Iraq and once in Afghanistan. I was permanently maimed on the first trip, to Fallujah, and was in Ramadi twice during its roughest period. How many times have you been over, chickendove?

The precise quote is here, Fume-nto:

Because I say an actor is “Arabic-looking” I’m a racist?

1. The point is that this was part of bending over backwards not to implicate Muslim terrorists.

2. Arabs are Caucasian, like me.

3. The actor in question actually played an Arab in a previous movie, Three Kings.

This accusation represents the combined intelligence of the original blogger and his idiot acolytes. I’ll bet you all split a gut laughing when those Twin Towers fell.

That blog is a liberal blog. Your comments were clearly directed at the liberals (including myself) who comment there. I did not say you said that about all liberals. I stand by my comment.

Have a nice day, chickenshit!

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Michael Fumento
I'm guessing either Fumento is a product of the Reagan era Department of Education, and thus illiterate even about his own comments, or the maiming he speaks of was an amputation from the neck up.