Friday, July 13, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) First up, Ladybird Johnson. As Mr. Doggity points out, she was an environmentalist before it became a vogue (but not by much. I remember the first Save The Earth campaigns). She also had grace and intellect, and was thrust into the White House after the second most tragic event of the 20th Century, and had to live with an unpopular war. Still she never forgot that America was beautiful and needed to remain so. Laura Bush, with a heart and a brain.

2) Oxford University has proposed a "fat tax". Amen. Like smoking, if you want to risk your life, fine, but expect to pay for it.

3) The whole David and Victoria Beckham arrival in America is starting to get really weird. Becks is undoubtedly still a force in soccer, but chose to forego a smaller-than-usual (for him) contract in Europe to try to do what Pele failed to do thirty years ago: make soccer a top tier sport in America.

4) Will John McCain make it past Iowa? Will Rudy?

5) There's some irony to the fact that McCain loses a campaign aide named "Failor".

6) If anyone needed more proof of the cynical failure of the Bush administration in protecting us, look no further.

7) By the way, why is Norm Coleman featured so prominently on the Voice Of America website, when it was the GAO who uncovered this story?

8) This score just in: Pamplona Bulls 13, Spaniards 0. The "running of the bulls" ought to mean swapping locker room stories.

9) The world's tallest man got married. He also caught the bouquet.

10) Something to keep in mind after Bush is gone. Or rather, not keep in mind.

11) It's Friday the 13th. Triskedekaphobia, anyone?