Monday, December 10, 2007

How Hypocrisy Will Play Out

I'm going to alter a quote from the piece I'm linking to. Imagine if this was the scene yesterday on Meet The Press:
WASHINGTON - President Bill Clinton, on the hot seat Sunday for the most exhaustive grilling of his presidency, doggedly insisted that death threats against then-girlfriend Monica Lewinski prompted the FBI to launch her taxpayer-funded chauffeur services.

"These were all based upon threat assessments made by the Director of National Intelligence... of what was necessary to protect her life, my life, other people's lives," Clinton told NBC's Tim Russert. "Every single thing done here was done based upon the assessment of someone else that this was necessary."
Do I really need to say more here?

But I will!

The Daily News, amongst the premiere newspapers in America in covering local scandals, has uncovered evidence that Nathan's protection by NYPD officers pre-dates the May 2000 announcement that Giuliani made revealing the affair and his intention to divorce his then-wife.

Those of us on the ground in the city in 2000 remember well that Rudy! then tried to have Nathan move into Gracie Mansion (the mayor's residence), but an injunction filed by Donna Hanover, the cuckquean in this mess, stopped her.

Clearly, Judith Nathan was a security issue long before Rudy! revealed their affair.

One can speculate that, indeed, part of the reason Giuliani revealed the affair in the first inning of a Senate race against Hillary Clinton was that he was likely being, or about to be, blackmailed.

Think about it: he has an NYPD detachment assigned to Nathan, months before it is publicly known that she is his paramour. But what if elements of the NYC's criminal community had known about it beforehand, and made threats against her to get back at Rudy's! vigorous prosecutions of the New York mob, for example?

It's not inconceivable to imagine that there are photographs of the two of them inflagrante delicto (or close enough for the implications to be immistakeable), perhaps leaving a hotel together after going in together the night before, and that those photos were presented to Rudy! in, say, April 2000, in an attempt to short-circuit his national political career.

Now, who would have seen these photographs because of some...favors...he's owed in certain circles, I wonder.....who would have been licking his lips when Rudy! announced for President, welcoming his entry into the race because he knew Rudy's! credibility was about to be shattered? And by extension, since he was Bush's handpicked candidate for all intents and purposes, dealing a devastating blow to the moral adults running the asylum these past seven years?

Who indeed? *whistling*

You know something? I bet there's even worse out there for Rudy!...

(Transcript of Meet the Press here)