Friday, December 14, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) In line with my prediction of yesterday, the CPI was announced this morning. Prices leaped 0.8% during the month of November. Not bad, until you annualize it: that's 9.6% inflation!

2) This is troubling, but not unexpected, news. Al Sadr answers to Ayatollah Al Sistani, for now. Should Iraq become an honest democracy, at some point, Al Sadr will be elected to a national office. As an Ayatollah, he could conceivably insitute an Islamist regime.

3) I'm posting a longer piece on this at The Reaction, but I have an opinion about steroids in sports: who cares?

4) Would that Bush had even this much courage, nevermind admitting to the corruption in his own time. My suspicion is, he'll confess all the dirty things he's done as he finds out he's dying, figuring that a deathbed confession will get him into heaven.

5) The US maintains a near-perfect record in terror arrests: zero wins. Hm, maybe Homeland Security should hire Roger Clemens' trainer?

6) This is kind of like closing the barn door with just the horse's tail still inside. It might be enough to prevent a catastrophe, but as I pointed out earlier this week, there's not much water coming off the mountains into the lakes.

7) Greed trumps policy. Again. If I was President, I'd cut off all Federal irrigation programs in these states until the Senators started acting like grown-ups about farm subsidies.

8) Question: wouldn't a toe have been sufficient, guys?

9) I missed this last night, sadly. The weather was atrocious.

10) I'm sorry, "w00t" isn't a word. Next year, Merriam plans to enshrine ":-)" as its word of the year, after heavy lobbying by Wal-Mart.

11) The twin healt scourges of the avian flu and Ebola seem to be settling in on Africa.

12) This round up has been pretty bleak. Let me throw in some light stuff: England bans samurai swords. I didn't realize this was a problem.

13) Basically, the Writer's Guild and the networks have a deadline: January.

14) What if George W Bush had never been born? It's A Blunderful Life! (h/t Dr. Avedon Carol at The Sideshow)

15) Finally, your moment of Zen: Mice who don't fear cats.