Friday, February 15, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I guess the right will stop calling her Hanoi Jane now...good on Eve Ensler for defending her vigorously, too!

2) Izzy Stone once wrote that you should report the news so that no one is surprised by it. Here is an object lesson in how to write, and read, a newspaper story. Tell me in comments what the subtext here is: what is the relationship between the man questioned and the victim?

3) Looks like I'll be buying my new high definition DVD player soon. Call it payback for Betamax!

4) Uh. Yea. OK, they lost your notebook, but what could you possibly have that's worth $54 million and in that case, how could you let someone else repair it?

5) One quibble with this otherwise exciting news story: 5,000 light years is hardly "across the galaxy". It's more like Boston, from New York

6) More space news. Listen, you guys better hit this on the first shot, or all that Star Wars funding you've been bitching about is going away permanently. You feelin' me, playah? (My sister will understand why I wrote that)

7) By the way, best news source in America? Is from Britain.

8) For their bluff and feigned outrage, Republicans will end up caving. There's too much at stake this fall.

9) If this is true, then why wasn't Barry Bonds benched? Look, I'm with you: this is really a non-story, except that it's pervaded even the halls of Congress, which means it's become real news, so the questions have to be asked: why not and why now? (cf. Izzy Stone)

10) Somewhere, Tom Brady is buying land in Nicaragua.

11) Hm. I wonder what the winning bid was? Did they compare lengths? How come eBay hasn't thought of this?