Monday, February 11, 2008

Rubbing Noses In It

Say what you will about Barack Obama claiming to be a "uniter," he sure isn't walking the walk:
“Keep in mind we had Bill Clinton as president when in '94 we lost the House, we lost the Senate, we lost governorships, we lost state houses," Obama said. "And so regardless of what policies they wanted to promote, they didn't have a working majority to bring change about.”

This argument dovetails with a harsh Obama campaign mailer (check it out HERE) that argues that "Democrats win when we unite America" and goes on to argue that the Clintons are divisive.

"8 years of the Clintons, major losses for Democrats across the nation," the flier says, enumerating that from November 1992 to November 2000, Democrats lost 12 governorships, 7 Senate seats, and 46 House seats.
Obama is quickly losing an awful lot of respect of people who admire the Clintons...FOR WINNING THE WHITE HOUSE TWICE!

So much for "Democrats only win when they unite the country."

Let's take a look at this:

JFK won, beating an incumbent Vice President, in an era when the country was beginning to divide up. Racial issues were becoming a real concern and people were taking notice of the deep divisions the McCarthy era had created.

LBJ won in 1964, based a lot on JFK's legacy. OK, so maybe there's an election Obama was correct about.

Jimmy Carter won in 1976 almost exclusively based on two things: Ford's pardon of Nixon (in itself, a healing moment if you believe the eulogies) and Ford's gaffe regarding the Soviet Bloc. Again, not exactly the unifying moment one might ponder.

And then there's Bill Clinton, who took on the "haves" and beat them at their own game.

So you could say it was actually the Clintons who unified the country, rather than divided them the way this blindly ignorant statement appears to make history out.

Now, any Democrat worth his salt is going to vote for whomever is the candidate.

I'm just not sure pissing off the establishment is going to help you in the general election, Senator. These are people who can commit an awful lot of money and resources and more important, effort, to helping you win the election.

But the way you are running your campaign, all divisive and negative and thin-skinned, you're coming off as a Republican plant.

So stop it.