Monday, March 03, 2008

Hm. This Is Troubling...

(via) In July 2005, reported that Rezmar, Inc., a corporation owned by Tony Rezko (Obama's indicated bagman who is about to stand trila for corruption charges today in Chicago), signed a joint venture agreement with Iraq to operate...wait for it...a power plant in Iraq.

What makes this truly interesting is another piece of the Obama puzzle I reported on the other day: the connections between an exiled Iraqi oil billionaire Nadhmi Auchi and Barack Obama's campaign, in which the billionaire feloniously financed through a loan to Obama's campaign an Obama fundraiser in May of that same year, 2005 (presumably this was to repay debts incurred in his rookie run for Senate).

For the mapless, let me draw one:Iraqi oil billionaire, repatriated oil assets, ready customer base, US President

The deal was signed before the $3.5 million dollar loan to Obama, and was arranged through Tony Rezko. Quid pro quo? Maybe not, but it sure smells funny.

But wait, there's more, as the kids say: Tony Rezko has ties to former Iraqi Energy Minister Aiham Alsammarae, who was tried and convicted of stealing $650 million in Iraqi reconstruction funding provided by the Bush administration. He also lived while in exile from Iraq in...Chicago!

This theft also partly explains why Iraqis only have about eight to ten hours of electricity every day.

Funny how all this corruption surrounds the energy industry in Iraq, isn't it?

Funny how it all centers around Barack Obama's Presidential candidacy. After all this is a man who's positions on Iraq have run from "No war" to his July 27, 2004 comment that there's "not that much difference between my position and George Bush’s position at this stage" to his current "once we had driven the bus into the ditch, there were only so many ways we could get out," flimflam.

We now get a look behind the curtain at this particular "evolution in action" moment of Barack Obama, lubricated in large part by illegal campaign financing, outright theft of American taxpayer money, and shady connections to a country whose economic and physical future is dependent upon who will be the next President.

I think Obama, for the good of the Democratic party, should consider dropping out now, before this embarassment becomes exploited by the Republican party.