Friday, March 07, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) You know, this is the third similar bombing in roughly three years. You'd think a bombing at the embassy of two of our stanuchest allies might get as much national attention.

2) Someone will have to explain to me how caucuses are valid means of selecting a candidate, since they favor the wealthy and discourage the working classes. We've heard from the folks who claim the election was stolen in Ohio since people had to stand in line for hours to vote, choosing between voting (presumably for Kerry) and their jobs. Well, doesn't spending two hours in the middle of the working week constitute a similar burden? Haven't we had enough plutocractic decisions made for us? Can Obama truly represent the least among us if he's been chosen by the elites? How patrician!

3) This is interesting, and I'm shocked that more noise hasn't been made about it. Colombia is gearing up for what appears to be border skirmishes with Venezuela and Ecuador, both of whom, to put it politely, have certain antagonisms and animosities towards the Bush administration. You'd *think* they'd want to make this case go away, yet they are the ones pressing it. It could be that this same guy has been funneling arms to Al Qaeda and the Taliban. It could also be that the guy is Russian. Together, those might trump any PR stink that Chavez can raise.

4) This is truly a tragic loss, for her family and her school of course, but for all of us. it has been written than any man's death diminishes me. This death in particular shows just how much we lose. She could have been the next generation of great woman.

5) It's time for the annual reminder that 20% of soldiers returning from combat are returning with serious emotional timebombs in their heads. And the annual observation that near not a damn thing is being done to help them.

6) Yea. Barack Obama's a new kind of politician...from as far back as the hate-filled "1984" spoof to the race-baiting after Bill Clinton's comments regarding Obama's Iraq fairy tale, up to this point, Barack Obama has never taken responsibility or denounced OR rejected the misogynism and hatred his followers have spewed. To his credit, for this last comment, Obama very quietly said there was no place for it. I challenge you to go find that part of the tale. At the law, and Obama is a lawyer, silence means consent. He could have, should have, spoken out if he finds this kind of politics so unattractive, as loudly as he does when he perceives it's being lobbed at him.

7) Neither candidate can win this on the hustings, that much is clear. Once you open the door to subjective considerations, all bets are off as to who the nominee will be. It doesn't matter who has "the most votes". And for those who believe it does, I have three words for you: Al Gore 2000.

8) And for those who plead with Hillary to leave the race "for the good of the party", I have three words for you: Al Gore 2000. You didn't like it then, so stop being a hypocrite now.

9) You might think a sport like golf would be a bit more civilized than to engage in animal slaughter. He fired ten times to do the trick.

10) Not that this helps me much this year anyway, I'm still due for one, but it's nice to have them cut back a little. The procedure is not completely horrible, but the preparation is.

11) Finally, it may be symbolic, but it is historic! Thank you, Brattleboro and Marlboro!