Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Medical Update

Many of you may recall that, back in December, I was diagnosed with MRSA, a skin version of staph. As I was being treated for that, the dermatologist biopsied a...thing...on my nose, that I'd had my entire adult life.

The biopsy came back malignant: basal cell carcinoma. Surgery was scheduled at the end of February, including any possible reconstructive surgery.

Surgery performed, and I was admitted to the hospital for the recon. As the plastic surgeon was working on my hole, he uncovered yet another nest of cells inside my nostril.

Those also biopsied as malignant. He stopped work right there and slapped a patch on.

The oncological surgeon took a week to get around to requesting the slides of this new growth. When she had them biopsied, they came back negative.

Cutting a bit ahead, I had the reconstructive surgery done on April 1 (ironic, as you'll see in a minute), and only am just now recovered from that this week. Two additional tests showed no more cancer.

Except...Monday, I went back to the original dermatologist, and found out that as a check, they biopsied my original sample, the one that was diagnosed as cancerous, figuring that would help determine if the second lesion was malginant.

Guess what they found? I might not ever have had cancer in the first place...