Friday, August 22, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Best quote of the week:
Of all the negative achievements in Lieberman’s career, it’s hard to top making Cheney the most likable man in the room.
- Gail Collins

2) The Olympics are drawing to a close, and I am puzzled by one thing that has troubled me since I can remember: why is it, the one nation that practically GIVES you a fucking gun at birth can't hit a fucking target unless it's a black man scurrying across a lawn????

3) I wonder if this is John McCain's way of introducing his running mate, Co-Cain?

4) Yes, that was a stretch. What's it to ya?

5) Geez, what did you expect? It was "found" in the backwoods of North Carolina!

6) I mean, seriously, how stupid do you have to be to decide you want to present all this DNA evidence and an "actual" body? Seriously, how much of a redneck do you have to be? You figure some good ol' boys might dummy up a hoax like this, but to go so far that one gets fired from his job? As a COP?!?!?!

7) "I'm pretty disciplined on this," Obama said on CBS's "The Early Show" when asked about the choice of VP. No, you're acting like a petulant asshole, chum.

8) Apprently, George Bush does not believe that John McCain was tortured. If so, then John McCain aided and abetted an enemy in a time of war, and is a traitor.

9) I say that jokingly, to point out that if McCain was a Democrat, that's precisely what the wingnutcases would be smearing him with.

10) Don't believe me? Here ya go!

11) Not a good week for Olympians.

12) Wow! I guess David Vitter will be busy in Minneapolis!

13) We can finally put to rest the tales of 9/11 conspiracies, at least as far as WTC 7 goes. You don't get much more independent than NIST.

14) We need more judges like this.