Friday, January 23, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1)  I thought Kirsten Gillibrand was a better choice for the Clinton Senate seat than Caroline Kennedy, even if I feel Kennedy would have made a fine Senator and felt compelled to defend her to the exclusion of mentioning (except in passing) Gillibrand. Too, KG's name had rarely come up in conversation in the news, with Kennedy, Cuomo and Carolyn Maloney (my Congresscritter, who ought to keep an eye on her flank, because I'm thinking about challenging her). Gillibrand is a liberal Democrat. Yes, as the link points out, she's not liberal in a NYC sense, but given her district, which demographically hews towards redneck, she's very liberal.
The article is misleading in one sense: it paints Gillibrand as a fiscal conservative for voting against the bailout bill. In hindsight, the bailout bill rewarded Bush's banking cronies (they are cronies of most Congresscritters as well, to be fair). That "No" vote was quite liberal, in my opinion.
2)  Speaking of progressives, the Obama administration really is wasting no time moving the country into the 21st Century. Those creepy commercials with Christopher Reeve walking may come true, too late, sadly. Thank you, George W Bush.
3)  I hate to admit this: after eight years of great sport with the Bush twins and their wholly inappropriate behavior in the White House, this made me soften my opinion of them. Perhaps they will turn out alright after all.
4)  If you are under the stock markets today, you might want to consider a hard hat.
5)  Thanks for pointing that out, Captain Obvious!
6)  There's been this minor kerfuffle regarding Obama's Blackberry. I was not aware that Presidents had such strict e-mail regulations imposed on them. But Mr. President. Please. Why use a foreign company's product??? Buy American!
7)  Speaking of Apple, do you realize that for the first time in 34 years, Microsoft is actually laying people off?
8)  Let me know if Ratzo ever Numanumas.
9)  Yes, but seven weeks later, you get this really nasty zombie virus.
10) Thirty six years ago, Roe v. Wade was handed down. 35 years, 364 days ago, Laura Bush had an "appendicitis attack". Just kidding. She became a librarian.